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Our research interests

Evolutionary pressure has led to the development of remarkably precise and rapid information processing in our central nervous system. Visual and vestibular signals, for example, can be processed with high precision within split seconds. Most of the underlying cellular mechanisms remain poorly understood.

Our group aims to understand the mechanisms of high-frequency signaling on various levels, ranging from single molecule to neuronal networks. We use cutting-edge electrophysiological, optical, genetic and computational methods, such as direct whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from presynaptic nerve terminals, capacitance measurements and two-photon calcium imaging. We are also driven by the chance that basic neuroscience research will help advance the limited therapeutic possibilities in psychiatry and neurology.

Selected publications

  • Haselmann H, Mannara F, Werner C, Planagumà J, Miguez-Cabello F, Schmidl L, Grünewald B, Petit-Pedrol M, Kirmse K, Classen J, Demir F, Klöcker N, Soto D, Doose S, Dalmau J, Hallermann S, Geis C
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    Neuron. 2018 doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2018.07.048.
  • Delvendahl I, Vyleta NP, von Gersdorff H, Hallermann S (2016)
    Fast, temperature-sensitive and clathrin-independent endocytosis at central synapses.
    Neuron 90:492-498
  • Delvendahl I, Jablonski L, Baade C, Matveev V, Neher E, Hallermann S (2015)
    Reduced endogenous Ca2+ buffering speeds active zone Ca2+ signaling.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112:E3075-E3084
  • Ritzau-Jost A*, Delvendahl I*, Rings A*, Byczkowicz N, Harada H, Shigemoto R, Hirrlinger J, Eilers J, Hallermann S (2014)
    Ultrafast action potentials mediate kilohertz signaling at a central synapse.
    Neuron 84:152-163
  • Hallermann S, de Kock CP, Stuart GJ, Kole MH (2012)
    State and location dependence of action potential metabolic cost in cortical pyramidal neurons.
    Nat Neurosci 15:1007-1014
  • Hallermann S, Fejtova A, Schmidt H, Weyhersmüller A, Silver RA, Gundelfinger ED, Eilers J (2010)
    Bassoon speeds vesicle reloading at a central excitatory synapse.
    Neuron 68:710-723