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Research Paper

  • Weichard I, Taschenberger H, Gsell F, Bornschein G, Ritzau-Jost A, Schmidt H, Kittel RJ, Eilers J, Neher E, Hallermann A, Nerlich J (2023)
    Fully-primed slowly-recovering vesicles mediate presynaptic LTP at neocortical neurons.
    PNAS, 120(43): e2305460120
  • Wender M*, Bornschein G*, Brachtendorf S, Hallermann S, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2023)
    Cav2.2 channels sustain vesicle recruitment at a mature glutamatergic synapse.
    *Equal contribution
    J Neurosci, 43(22): 4005-4018
    Model code is available at https://github.com/Hartmut-Schmidt/JNeurosci_2023
  • Paul MM, Dannhäuser S, Morris L, Mrestani A, Hübsch M, Gehring J, Hatzopoulos GN, Pauli M, Auger GM, Bornschein G, Scholz N, Ljaschenko D, Müller M, Sauer M, Schmidt H, Kittel RJ, DiAntonio A, Vakonakis I, Heckmann M, Langenhan T (2022)
    The human cognition-enhancing CORD7 mutation increases active zone number and synaptic release.
    Brain, 145(11): 3787-3802
  • Eshra A, Schmidt H, Eilers J, Hallermann S (2021)
    Calcium dependence of neurotransmitter release at a high fidelity synapse.
    eLife, 10: e70408
  • Köhler S, Schmidt H, Fülle P, Hirrlinger J, Winkler U (2020)
    A dual sensor approach to determine the cytosolic concentration of ATP in astrocytes.
    Front Cell Neurosci, 14: 565921
  • Bornschein G, Brachtendorf S, Schmidt H (2020)
    Developmental increase of neocortical presynaptic efficacy via maturation of vesicle replenishment.
    Front Synaptic Neurosci, 15: 11-36
  • Bornschein G, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2019)
    Neocortical high probability release sites are formed by distinct Ca2+ channel to release sensor topographies during development.
    Cell Rep, 28(6): 1410-1418.e4
  • Kusch V*, Bornschein G*, Loreth D, Bank J, Jordan J, Baur D, Watanabe M, Kulik A, Heckmann M, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2018)
    Munc13-3 is required for the developmental localization of Ca2+ channels to active zones and the nanopositioning of Cav2.1 near release sensors.
    Cell Reports, 22: 1965-1973
  • Doussau F, Schmidt H, Dorgans K, Valera AM, Poulain B, Isope P (2017)
    Frequency-dependent mobilization of heterogeneous pools of synaptic vesicles shapes presynaptic plasticity
    eLife 6:e28935 doi: 10.7554/eLife.28935
  • Mondragão MA, Schmidt H, Kleinhans C, Langer J, Kafitz KW, Rose CR (2016)
    Extrusion versus diffusion: mechanisms for recovery from sodium loads in mouse CA1 pyramidal neurons.
    J Physiol, 594(19): 5507-27
  • Baur D, Bornschein G, Althof D, Watanabe M, Kulik A, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2015)
    Developmental tightening of cerebellar cortical synaptic influx-release coupling.
    J Neurosci, 35(5): 1858-1871
  • Brachtendorf S, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2015)
    A use-dependent increase in release sites drives facilitation at calretinin-deficient cerebellar parallel-fiber synapses.
    Front Cell Neurosci, 9: 27
  • Ishiyama S, Schmidt H, Cooper BH, Brose N, Eilers J (2014)
    Munc13-3 superprimes synaptic vesicles at granule cell-to-basket cell synapses in the mouse cerebellum.
    J Neurosci, 34(44): 14687-14696
  • Mortensen LS, Schmidt H, Farsi Z, Barrantes-Freer A, Rubio ME, Ufartes R, Eilers J, Sakaba T, Stühmer W, Pardo LA (2014)
    KV10.1 potassium channels modulate presynaptic short-term plasticity at the parallel fiber - Purkinje cell synapse.
    J Physiol, 593(1): 181-96
  • Arendt O, Schwaller B, Brown EB, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2013)
    Restricted diffusion of calretinin in cerebellar granule cell dendrites implies Ca2+-dependent interactions via its EF-hand 5 domain.
    J Physiol, 591(16): 3887-99
  • Bornschein G, Arendt O, Hallermann S, Brachtendorf S, Eilers J, Schmidt H (2013)
    Paired-pulse facilitation at recurrent Purkinje neuron synapses is independent of calbindin and parvalbumin during high-frequency activation.
    J Physiol, 591(13): 3355-3370
  • Schmidt H*, Brachtendorf S*, Arendt O, Hallermann S, Ishiyama S, Bornschein G, Gall D, Schiffmann SN, Heckmann M, Eilers J (2013)
    Nanodomain Coupling at an Excitatory Cortical Synapse.
    Curr Biol, 3: 244-249.
  • Schmidt H, Arendt O, Eilers J (2011)
    Diffusion and extrusion shape standing calcium gradients during ongoing parallel fiber activity in dendrites of Purkinje neurons.
    Cerebellum, 11(3): 694-705
  • Hallermann S, Fetjova A, Schmidt H, Weyhersmüller A, Silver RA, Gundelfinger ED, Eilers J (2010)
    Bassoon speeds vesicle reloading at a central excitatory synapse.
    Neuron, 68(4): 710-23
  • Guzman SJ, Schmidt H, Franke H, Krügel U, Eilers J, Gerevich Z (2010)
    P2Y1 receptors inhibit long-term depression in the prefrontal cortex.
    Neuropharmacology, 59(6): 406-15
  • Schaarschmidt G, Wegener F, Schwarz, SC, Schmidt H, Schwarz J (2009b)
    Characterization of voltage gated potassium channels in human neural progenitor cells.
    PLOS One, 4(7): e6168
  • Schaarschmidt G, Schewtschik S, Eilers J, Schwarz J, Schmidt H (2009a)
    A new culturing strategy optimizes functional neuronal development of midbrain derived precursors.
    J Neurochem, 109: 238-247.
  • Schmidt H, Eilers J (2009)
    Regulation of Ca2+ buffer mediated spino-dendritic cross-talk by the spine neck geometry.
    J Comput Neurosci, 27(2): 229-43
  • Schmidt H, Kuhnert S, Wilms C, Strotmann R, Eilers J (2007b)
    Spino-dendritic cross-talk mediated by mobile endogenous Ca2+ binding proteins.
    J Physiol, 581(Pt 2): 619-29
  • Schmidt H, Arendt O, Brown EB, Schwaller B, Eilers J (2007a)
    Parvalbumin is freely mobile in axons, somata and nuclei of cerebellar Purkinje neurons.
    J Neurochem, 100: 727-735
  • Wilms C, Schmidt H, Eilers J (2006)
    Quantitative two-photon Ca2+ imaging via fluorescence lifetime analysis.
    Cell Calcium, 40: 73-79
  • Schmidt H, Schwaller B, Eilers J (2005)
    Calbindin D28k targets myo-inositol monophosphatase in spines and dendrites of cerebellar Purkinje neurons.
    PNAS, 102: 5850-5855
  • Küppers-Munther B, Letzkus JJ, Lüer K, Technau GM, Schmidt H, Prokop A (2004)
    A new culturing strategy optimises Drosophila primary cell cultures for structural and functional analyses of synapses.
    Dev Biol, 269(2): 459-78 Diese Arbeit liegt der Erteilung des Patents über Zellkulturmedien zugrunde.
  • Schmidt H, Stiefel KM, Racay P, Schwaller B, Eilers J (2003b)
    Mutational analysis of dendritic Ca2+ kinetics in cerebellar Purkinje cells: Role of parvalbumin and calbindin D28k.
    J Physiol, 551(Pt 1): 13-32
  • Schmidt H, Brown EB, Schwaller B, Eilers J (2003a)
    Diffusional mobility of parvalbumin in spiny dendrites of cerebellar Purkinje neurons quantified by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching.
    Biophys J, 84: 2599-2608
  • Schmidt H, Lüer K, Hevers W, Technau GM (2000)
    Ionic currents of Drosophila embryonic neurons derived from selectively cultured CNS midline precursors.
    J Neurobiol, 44: 392-413
  • Schmidt H, Rickert C, Bossing T, Vef O, Urban J, Technau GM (1997)
    The embryonic central nervous system lineages of Drosophila melanogaster. II. Neuroblast lineages derived from the dorsal part of the neruoectoderm.
    Dev Biol, 189: 186-204

Review Articles (Peer Review)

  • Schmidt H (2019)
    Control of Presynaptic Parallel Fiber Efficacy by Activity Dependent Regulation of the Number of Occupied Release Sites.
    Front Syst Neurosci, 13: 30
  • Bornschein G, Schmidt H (2018)
    Synaptotagmin Ca2+ sensors and their spatial coupling to presynaptic Cav channels in central cortical synapses.
    Front Mol Neurosci, 11: 494-510
    Front. Mol. Neurosci. 11, 494. doi: 10.3389/fnmol.2018.00494.
  • Schmidt H (2019)
    Control of presynaptic parallel fiber efficacy by activity dependent regulation of the number of occupied release sites.
    Front Syst Neurosci, 13: 30
  • Isope P, Wilms CD, Schmidt H (2016)
    Determinants of synaptic information transfer: From Ca2+ binding proteins to Ca2+ signaling domains.
    Front Cell Neurosci, 10: 69
  • Schmidt H (2012)
    Three functional facets of calbidin-28k.
    Front Mol Neurosci, 5: 25

Book Chapter

  • Schmidt H (2013)
    27. Calcium buffering: Models of Ca2+-dynamics and steady-state approximations.
    In: Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience. Eds: Jaeger D, Jung R; Springer Science Business New York
  • Schmidt H, Eilers J (2010)
    A practical guide: dye loading with patch pipettes.
    In: Imaging in neuroscience and development: a laboratory manual, Eds: Yuste R, Konnerth A; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York.
  • Schmidt H, Eilers J (2007c)
    Combined fluorometric and electrophysiological recordings.
    In: Patch-Clamp Analysis: Advanced techniques. Eds: Boulton AA, Baker GB, Waltz W; Humana Press Inc, Totowa, New Jersey.
  • Schmidt H, Eilers J (2002)
    Combined fluorometric and electrophysiological recordings.
    In: Advanced techniques for patch-clamp analysis. Eds: Boulton AA, Baker GB, Waltz W; Humana Press Inc, Totowa, New Jersey.

Other Publications

  • Schmidt H (2012)
    Forschen, glauben, chillen.
    Interview in: KANT Magazin, Hamburg, 06: 60-63